One Amazing Summer, part seven

We’ve had one amazing summer! It took a lot to gather together to make it all work – Our Donors, Our Volunteers, Our Space, The Bishop, The Board & Staff, and The Missioners. Today we want to thank The Board & Staff of the Jim Eaton Summer Reading Program!

The Board, the Executive Board, and the Staff have worked tirelessly for eighteen months in preparation for our 2015 program season. The Executive Board each donated huge portions of their summer in order to make the program a success. The Staff have both made serious headway on their path toward sainthood.

Cathy being Cathy

Cathy being Cathy

Thank you, Rev. Cathy Dempesy-Sims! As the President of our Board, you kept us on track, shared in monitoring the bus during the program, and made sure our director had her half day off so she didn’t lose her mind. We had fun with you on the farm field trip, and showing up with goats in your Subaru might have been the entire camp highlight for the kids. And a huge thanks for making sure that volunteer recruitment was such a priority with your parish! Stay awesome, Cathy!

IMG_20150731_104907Thank you, Rev. Deacon Pete Dempesy-Sims! As an Executive Board Member and behavior modification expert you kept us all sane, really. Thank you for sharing in monitoring the bus. We had fun with you on the farm field trip – thanks for reassuring the kids that latrines were normal and that that was the cleanest one you’d ever seen. Thanks for letting us feed your goats goldfish crackers. 🙂 And thank you for helping facilitate connections with School #54, and for canvasing door to door with the director in School #6’s neighborhood. Rock on, Pete!

(Pete’s photo was unavailable. Have a picture of her goats, instead.)

Vicki and her mad balloon animal skillz

Vicki and her mad balloon animal skillz

Thank you, Rev. Vicki Zust! As an Executive Board Member you were integral to our planning and execution. We had fun with you on the Aquarium field trip! Thank you for bringing your youth group in our final week – and for making your teens dismantle and pack up the camp with us. 🙂 Thank you so much for running a donation drive for us, and for making sure that volunteer recruitment was an important part of your parish life! You’re a rockstar, Vicki!

IMG_20141024_194646Thank you, Ms. Catherine Way and Ms. Zoe Koston! As Board Members you helped us through the planning stages when we were running on hope, faith, and a dream of a better Western New York. Your efforts to keep us on task and focused are hugely appreciated.

(Zoe’s picture was unavailable, but Catherine is unashamedly rocking one of our Cat in the Hat hats at Convention…)

Sare with her favorite hat

Sare with her favorite hat

Thank you, Rev Sare Anuszkiewicz! As the Director of the Eaton Summer Reading Program you pulled it all together, connecting with donors, writing grants, recruiting and training volunteers, contacting youth mission groups, juggling curriculum, purchasing, food, getting safe church online for the diocese, liaising with the health department and Say Yes To Education, organizing field trips, setting up camp and once the program started, running it. We won’t forget the moment you saved Kavon from falling in the Harbor Seal Tank at the Aquarium, or your dramatic readings of Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus! You’re our hero, Sare!

Liz with duckies!

Liz with duckies!

Thank you, Ms. Liz Brauza! As the Assistant Director for Youth Missioners of the Eaton Summer Reading Program, you were our nighttime salvation! You led prayers, reflection, dinner, and evening field trips. (How many times can one person go to Cave of the Winds in Niagara Falls in one summer? Ask Liz!) You made sure our youth mission groups were safe and comfortable, and the hospitality you extended made all the difference in the world. You dealt with the unexpected with grace and patience. You’re made of win, Liz!

Stay tuned for the next installment of One Amazing Summer!


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