FAQ: Campers

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I register my child even though he/she isn’t a kindergartener, rising to 1st grade?

A: Unfortunately, no. Our program at this time is situated to accommodate the range of skill found in kindergarteners rising to 1st grade, as well as the emotional and physical needs of children at that level.

Q: My child/grandchild is registered for the summer program. Can I volunteer, too?

A: We love having parents and grandparents volunteer in our program when they can. For a regular weekday volunteer (Monday-Thursday), we require that all adults agree to submit to a background check, and take our online Safeguarding Children course. For a field trip volunteer, we do not require the check or the course – but the volunteering adult may only supervise their own child/grandchild.

Q: What if I don’t submit my registration on time?

A: If you submit your registration after our cut off date (in 2017, that is June 20th), we will still accept it. All registration is, however, first come, first served. When our registration is full, whenever that occurs, we will put all subsequent names on a waitlist.

Q: What does it mean, if I’m on a waitlist?

A: A waitlist is a list of names of people interested in our program, who we don’t presently have room for. But there are always at least a few children who start the program, but don’t finish (for lots of different reasons: family vacation, family emergency are just two). When a parent pulls their child from the program, a space is created, and the top name on the waitlist is called immediately.

Q: My child/grandchild has a severe food allergy. Is that a problem?

A: Unfortunately, we are not equipped to be able to cater to either campers or volunteers who have a severe food allergy.

Q: My child/grandchild has a medical condition that is under control (like asthma). Is that a problem?

A: This is not a problem. Please be explicit on the medical information form, and make sure to follow all of the directions concerning medicine that may need to be administered during the camp day.

Q: My child/grandchild has severe learning disabilities and/or severe emotional disturbances. Is that a problem?

A: Unfortunately, our program cannot cater to children with severe learning disabilities or emotional needs. We apologize that our curriculum cannot account for them, and our volunteers are not trained to attend to such needs.

Q: The registration fee is a significant hardship for our family. Are there any scholarship opportunities available?

A: Yes, scholarships are available on a limited basis. Please inquire directly with the Camp Director, who can be reached via email or phone. DIRECTOR@EATONCAMP.COM (716) 800-1607.

If you have further questions that were not addressed in this FAQ, please direct them to Director@EatonCamp.org.


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