FAQ: Volunteers

This FAQ is subject to revision and change. Last revised: October 2, 2015.

Q: What kind of volunteer opportunities are open for local people?

A: We have openings for all sorts of positions for people who want to take a hands-on approach to helping. Here is a list:

Reading Volunteers: read books and discuss pictures and content. Morning  commitment, Monday-Friday.
Writing Volunteers: work on short writing and illustration projects, tailored to each camper’s ability. Morning & early afternoon commitment, Monday-Friday.
Educational Games Volunteer: play games with sight words, or play games and do crafts with individual letters. Morning & early afternoon commitment, Monday-Friday.
Recreational Games Volunteer: lead indoor and outdoor games and recreation, planned in advance. Afternoon commitment, Monday-Friday.
Kitchen Guru: run the kitchen – use the teen counselors assigned to clean, organize, serve pre-prepped meals, serve snacks, clean up afterwards, and to receive delivery of pre-prepped meals.

Q: What kind of training will I receive as a volunteer?

A: All adults who participate in Eaton Camp will receive free (and required) Safe Church training, if they have not done so within three years of the start of camp. This training will be available online, shortly, as well as in person.

There will be a training opportunity in the late spring for volunteers to gather with the director and board of Eaton Camp, date to be announced.

Q: Do I really have to take the Safe Church course?

A: Yes.

Kathy Williams keeps the records at the WNY Diocesan offices. If you have questions about the date of the last Safe Church training you did in this diocese, you can ask her.

Even if you’ve taken a class through another organization, the Boy Scouts for instance, you must also take Safeguarding God’s Children, given by The Episcopal Church.

Safe Church training is now available online. Inquire with Sare Anuszkiewicz to be signed up.

Q: Can I volunteer all five weeks/just one day/Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons/the first Monday, the second Wednesday, the third Thursday, the fourth Friday and every other Tuesday?

A: For ease of scheduling volunteers, our preference is a volunteer who can fill one role for an entire week. We are very happy to welcome back volunteers through multiple weeks, and if a volunteer wishes to do Reading in week one and Writing in week four, that’s fine, too!

There are opportunities to volunteer that require much smaller amounts of time (Bus Monitor, for instance) – an hour early in the morning, or an hour in the afternoon rush hour.

Volunteers who are only able to help out one day for the entire summer, or one day a week, or for any other period of time shorter than a week long commitment will be scheduled after week-long volunteers are placed.

All volunteers, regardless of length of time volunteering are required to take Safe Church classes within three years of the start of camp, and to attend a training, to be scheduled.

Q: How long is the camp day?

A: The campers arrive at 8 a.m. and depart at 3 p.m.

Q: What kind of supplies to do you need donated?

A: We have a wishlist! All of the supplies below need to be new and unused. Please contact the director, Sare Anuszkiewicz, to inform her if you plan to supply any of the following things, so that she can maintain an updated list. (Please feel free to use the contact form at the bottom of this page.)


Q: I represent not just myself, but my parish. How can we all help?

A: Our program is very flexible. If your congregation would like to sponsor a week at camp, providing the volunteers, paying for the field trip, and covering the cost of the food, let’s talk! If you’d like to hold a parish fundraising drive to collect New and Unused supplies for the camp, we’d be most honored. If you have some other idea for helping out, we’d love to hear it! There is a contact form below that goes directly into our Camp Director’s inbox, so please feel free to fill it out.

Q: I would like to write a check. Who do I make it out to and where do I send it?

A: Thank you! You can make out your check to The Episcopal Diocese of WNY, and in the memo line, please note ‘Eaton Camp’. You can send that check off to our headquarters, The Episcopal Diocese of WNY, 1064 Brighton Road, Tonawanda, NY 14051.

Quite soon we’ll have a link available for online donations through PayPal.


Our Frequently Asked Questions are being built even as we speak. If you have a question, or need to contact our Camp Director, please use the form provided below. Thank you!


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