FAQ: Mission Trips

Frequently Asked Questions

The information in this post is subject to change, due to circumstance. Please use this as a planning reference. When you are signed up, any changes to this plan will be communicated directly to you by our Camp Director. This FAQ was most recently updated on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2015.

Q: How long is the Mission Trip?
A: This is a 6 1/2-week event, with six one-week slots and one mini week slot open. Arrival is Sunday evening and departure is Saturday morning for the standard weeks. For the mini week, arrival is Tuesday evening and departure is Saturday morning.

Q: What year are you planning for/taking registrations for currently?
A: We are taking registrations for the Summer of 2016.

Q: What dates are available?
A: We have five weeks available in the Summer of 2016.
Week 1: MINI WEEK July 5-July 9
Week 2: July 10-July 16
Week 3: July 17-July 23
Week 4: July 24-July 30
Week 5: July 31-August 6 
Week 6: DIOCESE OF WNY WEEK August 7-August 12

Q: What is the deadline for registration?
A: Groups who  register and send their deposit by March 1st will be given a 10% discount. The final deadline for registration is May 15th, but of course all registrations are first come, first served.

Q: What age group do you accept for Mission Trip Participants?
A: This is an event for 6-12 grade aged youth. We require that each group bring the required number of adult chaperones – one adult for every five children, no fewer than two adults with one of each gender.

Q: What are your requirements for adult chaperones?
A: We require that each group bring the required number of adult chaperones – one adult for every five children, no fewer than two adults with one of each gender. All adults will be required to complete our Safe Church Training (done online), or a certificate of Safe Church training from their own diocese within the three years of the start of the trip. We will conduct an online criminal background check on all participants. At no time will anyone use alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs during the week.

Q: What are your conditions on Youth Participants and medication?
A: Youth participants or their chaperones need to be able to responsible for their own medication.

Q: What’s the situation with housing, feeding and bathing?
A: Participants will be housed in the Diocesan Center. Participants are asked to bring their own bedding and air mattresses. The sleeping space will be dedicated. Common space will be located in the Diocesan Center, where breakfast and some dinners will also be eaten. There will be some secure areas available during the day.

Showers at the Diocesan Center are limited, but available. There will be an opportunity, Monday through Friday, for youth and chaperones to visit a local pool with showers, whose cost will be included in your fee.

Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided. Participants will aid in food preparation and clean up, based on provided raw materials, recipes and full kitchen facilities. Each dinner will be slightly different. Most evenings will be off-site, requiring participant transportation. Most dietary restrictions and allergies can be accommodated, if the Camp Director is informed at the time of initial registration. Light snacks and beverages will also be available in the evening.

One dinner during the week will not be included – while at the theme park, every participant will need to be responsible for bringing money and purchasing their own dinner.

Q: What is the address of the overnight site?
A:  The overnight site is our Diocesan Ministry Center, located at 1064 Brighton Road, Tonawanda, NY 14150.

Q: What is the address of the program site?
A: Our program site is unconfirmed, but anticipated to be one of our inner city parishes that neighbors a Buffalo Public Elementary School. We will update this information once that vestry has confirmed their participation.

Q: What is the address of the swim/shower site?
A: Our swim/shower site is unconfirmed, but anticipated to be either a local YMCA/YWCA or a local aquatic center. We will update this information once the swim/shower site has been confirmed.

Q: What are your ideal numbers for each week?
A: Our maximum group per week is 24 participants with 6 adult chaperones. We could minimally run the program with as few as 12 participants and 3 adult chaperones. This means that we may be accepting multiple youth groups from different areas to fill the slots of a single week of camp. If your group anticipates being larger than 24 participants, please consider taking two weeks, and splitting your group in two.

Q: What is the project? What are we doing?
A: The one project done during the week will be to work with the Eaton Summer Reading
Program as junior counselors. The mornings will be filled with reading and instructional games and artistry. The afternoons will be filled with recreation,  artistry and just a bit more reading. Each junior counselor will be working behind the scenes for half a day and with the kids for half a day.  A youth who works behind the scenes in the morning would help run recreation in the afternoon.  A youth who works behind the scenes in the afternoon would assist teachers in their stations as the children rotate through them in the morning.

There will be ample downtime for teens when they are behind the scenes – the pace is often hurry up and wait – so all youth are advised to bring their summer reading with them. Even in the downtime, youth will be serving as mentors and good examples to the participants of the program.


At least once a week, there will be a field trip, during which the youth and chaperones will be assigned participants to buddy with during the excursion.

Q: Will we need to provide our own transportation?
A: Yes.  We require that each group have vehicle transport for the number of people in the group. Each morning the group will need to transport itself from the overnight site to the program site. In the afternoon, the group will need to transport itself to the swim/shower site, and then back to the overnight site. In the evenings, groups will be required to transport their people to various locales, accompanied by the Assistant Director. Clear directions will be provided.

Q: What sort of staff will be provided by the Camp?
A: The Camp Director will be on program site from 7am till 4pm each day, and most weeks the evenings from 5pm-bedtime will be staffed by the Assistant Director in charge of Youth Missioners. The Camp Director will be available  via cellphone for emergencies, 24/7. In addition, there will be local volunteers serving as teacher and organizers.

Q: What field trips are you going on, and in which week?
A: Our field trips have not yet been confirmed, but this information will be updated when they are.

Q: We have a small group. Can we find out who we’re being paired with ahead of time?
A: Of course! Last year our combined groups had a wonderful time introducing each other to their local cuisine, and getting to know how the church works in a different place. We’ll contact your organizer if you are paired with another group, and share contact information.

Q: How much does this cost per mission trip participant?
A: Our fee is $325 for a regular week. The mini week fee is $200. Everyone, teen or adult, participating in the mission trip must pay this fee.

Q: What is included in the fee?
A: All meals from  arrival to  departure are included in the fee, except one dinner that is up to the participants to purchase at a theme park. All evening activities are included in the fee. All entrance fees are included in the fee.  Travel to and from field trips is included in the fee.

Q: What is NOT included in the fee?
A: One dinner, located at a theme park, is not included in the fee. There may be opportunities for youth to buy souvenirs at evening activities, which would not be included. Initial travel to and from our site on Sunday & Saturday is not included, and should be arranged by each individual group traveling. Travel to the program site in the morning is not included. Travel to the swim/shower site and back to the  overnight site is not included. Travel to evening activities will be the group’s responsibility and not part of the fee – we’ll be caravanning to evening activity locations.

…and there is more to come! If you don’t see your question reflected here, please feel free to ask it below. This FAQ has been updated  on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2015. Check back as information is added or changed!


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